What Our Clients Are Saying...

Bill and Lynne Betts

Southern Pines, NC

This is an overdue formal “Thank You” for the very positive experience we had during our two
construction projects these past two years — our wonderful custom home and our subsequent
deck project.
We have enjoyed getting to know you on both a professional and personal level. As you know, this is
our third custom home build. It has been by far the most satisfying of the three, due primarily to your
honesty and integrity (and patience) in all aspects of the project. Your knowledge, skills and capability
more than met our expectations, along with providing us with what you promised — a high quality
home within our budget.
We are proud to have a Mark Lally designed and built home and hope to enjoy it for many years to

Donna and Steve Thomas

Whispering Pines, NC

Mark and his team exceeded our expectations! Mark made great suggestions for our new home and built us the house of our Dreams. If you want a professional who will make sure your home is built on time, within budget and looks and feels fantastic . . . . Mark is your builder. The quality of his work and the customer care is excellent.

Len Romanker

Pinehurst, NC

Visited several of his jobs before proceeding and all customers of his were very satisfied with his work and completeness, even a year after completion. We found the same to be true for us.

David Muir

Whispering Pines, NC

Mark Lally built our new home in Pinehurst last year.

Mark committed to an aggressive timeline and met each deadline. He was invaluable in the design process and worked very closely with us through the construction. His change order procedure saved us untold dollars as we refined our requirements throughout the 5 month construction period. The construction was solid and the finish work superb. We have lived in the home for 10 months now and continue to be delighted with the end result. Mark's financial estimates were accurate and the materials were first rate.

Overall we could not be happier with Mark's work.

Debbie Riccardi

Whispering Pines, NC

Building a new home with Mark Lally was a great experience. He takes pride in his work, using the best quality materials, making sure every detail is taken care of to your specifications. If we needed to discuss something with him he was only a phone call away. He was wonderful in helping us design our home.

He told us our home would be ready in 4 months and it was.

I can't say enough about him and his construction crew. We would highly recommend Mark Lally to anyone looking for a builder with integrity, easy to work with, and really caring about his clients.

Thank you for a beautiful home.

Steve and Janice Barr

Woodlake in Vass, NC

Mark designed and built our first custom home and it was a great experience. 4 month build process, excellent materials, fit, finish and attention to detail. We made a number of changes in the build process and the final cost was under 1/2 of 1% of the estimate even with the changes. His estimates include everything, competing estimates left out at least $10-15k of items like landscaping, gutters, drainage, garage door openers, needed lighting, final detail cleanup, etc. Plus the materials and crews that he includes are very high quality.

Mark is honest, dependable and a quality individual. Excellent communication, available whenever needed.

You can build for less (with a lesser house) or pay more for the same if less quality. He is a great value.

We could not be more pleased with our new home. Thanks Mark.

Carol Glyder

Southern Pines, NC

Fantastic job, done to perfection. I love my barn, thanks for your patience.

Enjoyed working with Mark.

Sallie Lowe

Southern Pines, NC

Honest and extremely capable.......choosing Mark Lally as our builder was definitely a great
decision. We absolutely love our home, and actually enjoyed the building experience.

Janice Barr

Woodlake in Vass, NC

Before building our new house, I was very concerned. My dentist had built four homes and warned me of the problems that lay ahead for us. I told him that Mark Lally had great reviews and he assured me that all builders are human and do make mistakes. He strongly suggested that I be on site every day and be prepared for legal and financial issues too!

Well....after completing our house with Mark Lally, I can only say how extremely happy we are with Mark and the design and building process. I certainly wish my dentist could have found Mark Lally to build his!

Mark was always available immediately. He closely supervised his crews and used only those who do quality work. They all seemed to respect him very much. Mark payed very close attention to detail not only in the construction, but in the maintenance of the job site. I often saw him out using the leaf blower or picking up building debris.

His scheduling was well planned and accurate. Our house was completed in the 4-month time frame that he proposed in spite of things beyond his control.

Mark has been finishing up on our "punch list". He continues to be readily available if we notice anything that needs attention. He has also impressed us with his skills with tools and woodworking during this process as he takes care of some things himself. I can also say that our "punch list" is very minimal. It makes us feel very special when Mark and his crews really work to ensure that the house is finished well! His cleaning crew came back several times on their own time because they want to do a good job for Mark. Really! I have heard horror stories of builders who are not available after the occupancy certificate is issued. Mark designed our house based on what we told him we wanted. Since this house is a very important milestone in our lives, as well as a huge investment, we put a lot of trust in him. He gave suggestions on how to maximize space, make improvements and often save money. Even with changes that we made Mark came within 1/2 of 1% of the price he quoted. Our dream house is built extremely well. Everything is finished beautifully! It is energy efficient and very low maintenance.

We could not be happier with Mark's work. Mark Lally is a top-notch builder!

We cannot thank you enough, Mark, for this beautiful house and a pleasant building experience!

Rita Weeks

Pinehurst, NC

Thinking of building a custom home? Then you should choose Mark Lally Construction. We cannot say enough good things about Mark Lally.

He helped design and build our house in Pinehurst as promised in less than 5 months. We are very happy with the result. We attribute our success in completing a custom home to Mark’s careful attention to detail and his excellent customer service. This was especially important since most of the project was completed while we were living in another state. He was always readily available to help with decisions and resolve any issues that arose. Mark has a team of excellent craftsmen, artisans, and technical personnel whose fine work is clearly reflected in every feature and function of the house. Another important aspect is staying within the budget. We were very close to our budget and believe that Mark’s cost consciousness played a key role in achieving that result.

It was a real pleasure working with Mark and we highly recommend Mark Lally Construction.