Any detail can make substantial differences in one’s energy bills and the comfort of the home. Achieving a tight building envelope during construction pays dividends for the life of the home.

One of the best “worst” kept secrets in the building industry is the “change order” scam. Proponents of this scam make more money on change orders than they do on the actual building contract.

We set ourselves apart in the industry by firmly opposing hidden costs and unforeseen charges. Our approach is rooted in a symbiotic relationship with our suppliers, founded on mutual respect and a shared commitment to transparency. 

Custom home building represents a commitment to individuality and quality. It’s a process that involves the homeowner at every stage, ensuring the end result is a home that reflects personal style and functional needs. 

Realizing the dream of constructing a custom home is more achievable than it appears. Lally Construction and Design sheds light on the financial considerations and planning needed to bring this dream to fruition.

In a world that’s steadily adapting to the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the landscape of constructing custom built homes has undergone significant changes.

When embarking on the journey of building a custom home, the relationship between the homeowner and their builder is paramount. This partnership is built on trust, with the builder’s expertise and vision at its core.

For many, the dream of homeownership goes beyond the mere need for shelter. It’s about envisioning a space that reflects your unique personality, lifestyle, and aspirations. While existing homes offer a quick and convenient option, they often come with compromises. 

The land you choose will influence everything from the design possibilities to construction costs and ultimately, your enjoyment of your new home.

Zoning laws and building codes play a vital role in ensuring the safety, integrity, and overall aesthetic of your neighborhood.

Home design trends are always evolving, and 2024 promises an exciting mix of fresh styles and timeless elements.

 With the right choices, a home’s interior design can significantly impact its market value now and for years to come.

Build Your Dream Home

Begin the journey to your perfect home with our custom building experience. Tailored to fit your vision, we ensure every detail is crafted to perfection. Let’s make your dream home a reality.