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At Lally Construction & Design, we craft homes with energy conservation at the forefront of our design and building process. Every element, no matter the size, is meticulously chosen and integrated to significantly reduce your energy expenses and enhance the comfort of your living spaces.

Our construction methods are specifically tailored to seal your home tightly, ensuring that heating and cooling losses are minimized. This attention to detail not only reduces your carbon footprint but also leads to lifelong savings, as energy costs continue to rise. With a custom home from Lally Construction & Design, you invest in a future of sustainable living and economic efficiency.

Energy efficiency

HERS Index

A Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index is a comprehensive measure of a home’s energy efficiency, assessing how it stacks up against a benchmark home—the standard for energy compliance set by the latest building codes.

Scoring below 100 means a home is performing better than the standard; the lower the score, the more efficient the home. In North Carolina, the average existing home scores between 130-140, while new constructions typically hit the 100 mark, adhering to modern codes.

Consider a Lally Construction & Design home, completed in 2020, which achieved an impressive HERS score of 47, far exceeding efficiency expectations. Our construction methods are not just about building houses, they’re about crafting sustainable homes that lead to substantial long-term savings for our homeowners through meticulous energy-saving practices.

Hers rating

Efficient Construction

Innovative Ductwork Solutions

As a dedicated custom home builder in Moore County, we integrate advanced ductwork strategies in our new home construction. For multi-level homes, we prioritize installing ductwork within the floor system of the upper stories. This method requires more effort but ensures that any heat exchange contributes to warming your home, not the attic space. Traditional methods may simplify the installation by placing air handlers and ducts in the attic, but this often results in inefficiency, heating the attic before the living spaces. Moreover, our approach prevents rapid wear and tear on your ductwork, a common issue when exposed to extreme attic temperatures.

Sealed Crawl Spaces for Enhanced Comfort

Our custom home construction philosophy extends to designing optimized crawl spaces. By sealing and insulating these areas, and incorporating them into the home’s HVAC system, we create a more energy-efficient environment. This may appear less efficient at first glance, but it’s proven to enhance overall home efficiency by up to 15%. It also eliminates moisture-related issues, safeguarding ductwork from mold and reducing the chances of condensation. This results in even floor temperatures, a subtle yet significant touch from a quality custom builder.

Advanced Window Installations​

Moore County homes by Lally Construction & Design feature windows that surpass the typical energy codes. We install ultra-lowE, lowE2 or lowE3 windows with argon gas infill, striking a balance between minimizing solar heat gain in summer and reducing heat loss in winter. This upgrade, minimal in cost, offers substantial energy savings.

Precision Foam Insulation

At Lally Construction & Design, attention to detail is paramount, especially in areas often overlooked by others. Foaming behind outlets and switch boxes on external walls during new home construction is a small step that significantly impacts energy savings. It’s a low-cost addition during the building phase that prevents the intrusion of cold air, contributing to a more consistent indoor climate and a superior HERS rating.

Superior Ceiling and Roof Insulation

Our commitment to being a leading custom home builder means going beyond the basics. We exceed standard insulation requirements for ceilings, an investment that pays dividends in energy savings. Additionally, we utilize roof sheathing with an integrated radiant barrier, effectively adding the equivalent of R10 insulation value and prolonging the lifespan of roof shingles.

Energy-Saving LED Lighting

In every new home construction, we aim to fit LED lighting throughout. This commitment to energy-efficient lighting means lower electricity bills and a reduced carbon footprint, aligning with our vision for sustainable new homes that stand the test of time.

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We redefine the essence of custom home construction with a steadfast commitment to energy efficiency. Our homes are masterpieces of sustainability, crafted with precision to ensure that every detail, from the foundation’s crawl space to the peak of the roof, contributes to your comfort and cost savings. By surpassing code standards with innovative ductwork placement, meticulously sealing and insulating crawl spaces, and employing advanced materials like ultra-lowE windows, we ensure that your new home is not only a haven of modern luxury but a beacon of energy conservation. Experience the warmth of a Lally home, where every feature is designed with your future in mind.

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