Design Process

Moore County's Premier Custom Home Builder

Since 2004, Mark Lally has been a cornerstone of the Moore County community, constructing homes that embody durability, quality, and unparalleled value. As a custom builder, Mark’s approach is deeply rooted in delivering homes that not only withstand the ravages of time but also reflect the unique vision of each homeowner.

We stand by complete cost transparency. Clients are privy to every aspect of the budgeting process, with open access to all invoices. This practice of full disclosure ensures that you understand where every penny is allocated, reinforcing our commitment to honesty and trust in every new home construction project.

Tailored Home Design Experience

Embarking on the custom home construction journey with us is an adventure filled with creativity and personalization. You’re invited to bypass the conventional and embrace a home that’s truly your own without the premium cost often associated with custom builds. Let Mark Lally’s expertise guide your property’s evaluation, ensuring that your home’s design is perfectly attuned to your land and lifestyle.

Your Vision, Our Blueprint

Gather your ideas for your custom home from any source that inspires you, whether that’s a collection of magazine clippings, online real-estate listings, or your own sketches. I bring these concepts to life using Chief Architect Premier, a leading CAD software, to design a floor plan that embodies your desires. While the exterior of your home sets the stage, I firmly believe in designing from the inside out to guarantee the interior is just as captivating. To this end, I create various exterior designs that all correspond to one well-thought-out interior layout, ensuring that the beauty of your new Moore County home is more than skin deep.

Commitment to Communication

At Lally Construction & Design, we place immense value on open and clear communication, as it’s the cornerstone of an enjoyable and efficient home-building experience. My commitment to constant connectivity ensures we’re in sync every step of the way. Whether you prefer in-person meetings, phone calls, text messages, or emails, we adapt to your preferred communication style. For our out-of-town clients, rest assured that distance poses no barrier to the meticulous oversight and progress of your custom home in Moore County.

Exceptional Quality at Unmatched Value

Lally Construction & Design is synonymous with superior craftsmanship in new home construction, offered at prices that redefine value in the custom building landscape. This competitive edge stems from two fundamental practices: impeccable time management and modest profit margins that challenge the status quo. Dispel the myth that lower costs imply lower quality; with us, affordability and excellence in custom home construction go hand in hand.

Uncompromising Quality

Construction Methods

Our construction methods are second to none. We start the very process with precision. Our rebar reinforced footers are plotted with a laser ranging device, giving precision unobtainable by older methods. These precision measurements allow our masons to construct perfectly dimensioned foundations; this is the key to building a properly dimensioned house.

Our hand built flooring systems are constructed from professionally engineered wooden I joists, also known as TJI or the silent floor system. These wood I-beams are a little more expensive than standard 2×10 stick built floors, but the payoff is well worth the expense. We then use adhesive and screws to attach 3/4″ Advantech T&G flooring to the engineered flooring system. This combination produces the stiffest, most squeak-free floors available.

Adhering to stringent building protocols significantly impacts your monthly energy expenses

Our commitment to energy efficiency and an air-tight structure is unwavering throughout the construction process. This meticulous focus on detail ensures that homeowners reap substantial rewards in terms of energy savings and enduring home integrity.

Build Your Dream Home

Begin the journey to your perfect home with our custom building experience. Tailored to fit your vision, we ensure every detail is crafted to perfection. Let’s make your dream home a reality.