Post Covid Prices and Expectations

Post Covid Prices and Expectations

In a world that’s steadily adapting to the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, the landscape of constructing custom built homes has undergone significant changes. At Lally Construction and Design, a premier custom home builder, we’ve witnessed first-hand how these shifts have affected both the industry and our valued clients. Our commitment to transparency and delivering exceptional value remains our top priority.

The Pre-Covid Era: A Benchmark for Comparison

Before the pandemic, the custom home building industry, much like the rest of the world, had a different rhythm. Costs for materials and labor were relatively stable, allowing builders to provide clear, consistent pricing for high-end custom homes. This era set a benchmark against which current prices are often compared.

The Impact on Construction Costs

The pandemic introduced unexpected challenges, notably disrupting the global supply chain. This upheaval led to increased costs and extended timelines for custom built homes. Despite some sectors stabilizing, the construction industry still contends with elevated material costs, particularly for essentials like lumber.

Lally Construction and Design: Adapting with Integrity

In response to these market changes, Lally Construction and Design has diligently sought the best material and labor deals, ensuring savings are passed directly to our clients. Our aim extends beyond constructing houses – we focus on building lasting relationships grounded in trust and value.

Realistic Expectations

We prioritize setting realistic expectations in this new economic landscape. While we endeavor to mitigate cost increases, it’s essential for our clients to understand the distinct differences from the pre-Covid era. Our team collaborates closely with clients and suppliers to navigate these challenges & deliver quality custom built homes that align with your visions and needs.

Embracing the Future with Confidence

Lally Construction and Design remains optimistic about the future of custom home building. As the industry evolves, so do our methods, ensuring we maintain our dedication to excellence. We’re here to guide you through your home-building journey, turning your dream home into a reality, regardless of market conditions.

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