The custom home process should be fun and exciting. You don't have to settle for someone else's idea of what the perfect house should be and you shouldn't have to overpay for your dream home. I will gladly drive out to examine your property and evaluate the grade, size and dimensions so that I can answer your questions in order to properly advise you as to the best use of your lot to fit your lifestyle.

Looking through home plan books and magazines, as well as real-estate listings is a great way to give me the ideas of what you are looking for in your custom home. Even a crude hand drawing is a good way to send me in the right direction for designing your dream home. I have multiple sophisticated CAD programs to help draw your preferred floor-plan.

Although I do like to have an idea of the type of exterior profile that you are looking for, I have realized that designing your house from the inside out is by far the best way to design a house. Have you ever toured a house with a beautiful exterior, only to find the interior to be a hodge podge of rooms and hallways? I will guide you in the right direction to keep that from happening by designing several exterior looks to fit the exact same interior layout.

Communication is the KEY to a fun and exciting design and building process, and that is where Mark Lally Construction and Design excels. I believe in extensive communication to get us to where we both want to be. We can work together through face to face contact, phone calls, texts and emails or whatever form is most comfortable for you. If you live out of town or out of state, we can still communicate effectively to move the process along.

I will provide my client with a detailed line by line breakdown of all the expenses that will go into your new custom home showing that there are no hidden items or processes. The last line of these descriptions will cover my gross profit and overhead. No other custom home builder gives this number or has it as low as me. Call Mark Lally at 910-638-8236 to start the process of building your dream house.